THE Classical Dance School in North West London.


Here are just some of the parents comments, together with other professional bodies recommendations.

The children are very responsive to Gill's sensitive and sympathetic demeanour. Her ability to engender enthusiasm and focus the children's attention is impressive and is admired by all my teaching staff.

Lynne Clark, principal of Fordwych nursery.

A good ballet school is worth travelling to but here is excellence on your doorstep

BBC 2 Television

A fantastic ballet, the best we have seen and the girls all had a thoroughly marvellous time.

Lucy's mum on Hansel and Gretel

Outstanding teaching ability, motivates and encourages a love of dance.

Elaine Rea, Royal Academy of Dance Faculty of Education.

A wonderful, charming and dazzling show. The whole audience were blown away.

Laura's mum s peaking about 'Flower Faeries'

A talented dancer, excellent with children who has a great teaching potential.
Romayne Grigorova, Ballet mistress, Royal Opera Company.

We have tried many other classes in the area and it is so nice to see these children smiling when they do class. Name ?

As a 'granny ballerina' from another age, I am so pleased to have at last found the quality class I thought was lost in time. The care Gill and her staff take with the children is absolutely outstanding.

Clarice, grandmother and ex dancer.

Your annual ballet show was absolutely delightful - congratulations to you and your wonderful young dancers. It's great to see young children dancing together in such an imaginative and beautiful production and obviously enjoying themselves.

I wish you every success with your ballet school and future productions - and I'm sure Angelina Ballerina herself would love to be your student !

With very best wishes

Katharine Holabird. ( creator of Angelina Ballerina)

I've seen a lot of teachers, at school, drama school and now in business( I'm a Trainer/ Executive coach) and Gill is a shining example - one of the best I've seen.

Her ability to excite, motivate, guide and bring out the best in the children is amazing.

The shows at the end of the year are always of a high standard which is incredible considering the number of children and the wide range of ages.

I believe it's not only given Suni a passion for dancing , but has also given her valuable life skills in discipline.

David Solomon

Gill creatively captures the enthusiasm and love her students have for music and dance and manages to balance it with the discipline required for them to develop and progress .

Hellen Hutton

Our daughter has been going to west Hampstead school of dance for four years and has really blossomed under Gill and her team. Gill has a great approach,- professional and caring; encouraging and supportive without being too pushy, so that she gets the best out of all the girls - and boys! in her classes.

The shows give the children a taste of performing in a real stage environment and is a fantastic showcase of the work done by the team .

I have recommended West Hampstead school of dance to lots of my friends.

Katherine Lawson